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Reading Between the Lines 249: komoicorps19, junkfood10, fantastical02, scribbled07, devour18, creamland06, falena11, totem-sama17

Shadow Watching 249: magnus11, ladyship02, plain16, maru06, turningtide13, imperator03, sensory06, baroque01

Coloring Book 151: subaru-kyun10, brute14, kanahana10, assertive11, questioning03, cowlick16, greenword11, kabukidance05

Traded agi01, cellist06, cowlick02, cowlick10, cowlick11, dokkanpunch04, jigenhaoh08, mona14 for kitten16, moonchild18, pillowtalk16, territory12, teru16, townhall09, townhall12, villagers17 with [personal profile] kureto

Host Club Giveaway 162: bandage04, adultlike10, pain18, nebula08, sushi19, thresher14

Rei's Friend Report 199: riverbank02, kukulcan05, aisen12, ring03, sadhiporoja04, blackcat17, yellow crayon x2

Crazy Colors 175: donated saboteur05

Swap Station 83: dimensions19, relicsong14, faintattack02, brickbreak07

PendingTraded bisbiglio15, bodyswap02, bunnybox17, caution19, cupnoodles07, cyborgidol19, data18 for countering08, dancing10, dice06, expedition14, faintattack16, species15, upclose06 with [personal profile] dustybunny

Release 87: gemdust11, brows09

Traded gemdust11, schemer11, sig_brittany for yourboy03, inthebag02, sig_catie with [personal profile] toffeecat

Coloring Book 151: bishoujo11, swindler06, eyesight09, saga17, photos14, specials07, angel09, ooji-ya20

Coloring Book 151: donated green crayon

Hi-5 Radio 138: whitehat18, perutan03, candlestick08, electriceel20, shimabara15, phantom04, rare07, guitar05, corgi12, manga16

Hi-5 Radio 139: intellect11, watergun12, beatdown15, ojamajo07, bloody20, hazakura14, lucoa01, swapped16, scholar04, junbirthday20

Traded apologetic09, apologetic17 for yourboy04, inthebag03 with [personal profile] camilovesyou

Traded brows09 for yourboy05 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon

Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 167: donated anxiety12

Coloring Book 151: donated yellow crayon

Levels: weakest05, straw03, resolve14, mafioso05, sneeze01, orange crayon

Natsume's Book of Cards 19: cureecho12, cureecho15, pallum04, pallum08, pallum14 for expedition02, expedition03, starcave01, starcave02, starcave03

Crazy Colors 175: donated secrecy09

Swap Station 83: swapped dimensions09, relicsong10, faintattack06, brickbreak13

Release 87: butcher05

Traded butcher05 for yourboy02 with [personal profile] netbug009

No Context Theater 35: gawds16, pot19, royalprince16, plasmastorm18, rhapsody07

No Context Theater 33: dimensions09, lucis06, traumatic19, chancellor04, prosecutor20

No Context Theater 32: shadowgift15, blackhole06, elucidator18, whitewolf13, agi01

Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 166: slimes05, passedon12, sexfavors12, jewel17

Release 87: yourboy01, inthebag01, firefang01, rocknuzzle01, dewford01, mindbadge01, petalburg01, mossdeep01, pre-skip07, post-skip07, caneblast04, malasada04, terrified02, sig_brittany

Colorseum 27-2: connect17, akko01, shamanking14, vino01, legionnaire06, therese12, gigolo04, bunnybox17, bigpuppy08, droids09

Help Kamila 114: taichou09, grudges15, befriend04, virtuous02, dee09, hair19, zoanthrope01, musicians06, toybox17, thieves18, grownup07, brat15

Pick a Color 137: ghosts13, minerva05, hanikami20, cook12, genie19, gawds15

Pick a Color 138: english18, rook01, blackhole05, young12, orange crayon, red crayon, countering03, countering05, countering06

Coloring Book 150: rots08, telepathic03, rots03, telepathic12, caneblast20, cowlick11, rots20, dimensions04, memorywipe07, rhapsody13, unnoticed05, atlamillia14, unnoticed06, memorywipe12, agoraphobic04, yousei02

Coloring Book 150: donated orange crayon

Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 166: donated habataki15

Coloring Book 150: donated green crayon

Colorseum 27-1: caring01, redoni11, mo01, pallum04, chief01, tennights19, 2-a19, reiki20, ensanguined15, voile11

Donate a Deck: hottemper03, petite01, mu04, orange crayon, dreamer09, stalker19, exorcism11, tarotcards05, poisonsting09, leadership12, brown crayon, green crayon

Swap Station 82: caneblast11, chimchar15, chimchar18, fog16, faintattack06, sparkling07, brickbreak13, relicsong10

Coloring Book 150: oversleeper07, cowlick10, dimensions15, oversleeper10

Coloring Book 149: crownsguard02, lucis18

Rei's Friend Report 197: mona14, galemaker06, tangerine18, gunslinger01, dorm03, stickfigures11

Host Club Giveaway 161: akizora09, silverknight01, serious11, whaleshark05, third20, corneria18

Swap Station 81: chimchar10, chimchar17, fog01, fog13

Pot of Gold 79: yebisu09, wish02, shade10, mute12, nanika12, asakura15, parrying11, arba08, pompadour07, catpawgun16, shining04, toadsage08, laurant03, incivil12, skullstomp05

Coloring Book 150: rots12, rots20, caneblast01, caneblast05, hexed10, oversleeper02, telepathic18, questioning02

Seiyuu Guess 292: cloudwine16, kunst10, worlds06, firststring16, technology05, stallion02

Seiyuu Guess 293: malice02, bananasushi15, assistant19, fork03, cureecho12, mathematics16

Seiyuu Guess 294: voi09, royalguard10, gekokujou08, vulnerable07, muscles15, twin17

Swap Station 82: swapped caneblast01, chimchar10, chimchar17, fog01, faintattack02, sparkling03, brickbreak03, relicsong16

Coloring Book 150: donated obnoxious18

Traded mechonis08, seele10 for splat03, splat13 with [personal profile] catfriend

Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 20: dark14, tent04, sparkwave20, interaction19, insects11

Art Lessons with Amu 250: mizuchi14, partcat19, ruthless14, bathtub02

Colorseum - finalist spotlight 7: outlandish13, dreamyball17, goodlooks19

Coloring Book 150: donated green crayon

Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 11: lynx07, opposites03, canada04, artemis14, jigenhaoh08, mulberry19, huntsman05, disapprove04, baumkuchen10, phantompain15, mansion20, liladan05, orojya16, wyborg16, occidental20

Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 15: epichero07, lyricist15, kakkii16, pining14, tours02, green crayon


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