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Masteries: no712, grin07, babble05, green crayon

Swap Station 92: swapped corgi12, crash08, dreamer20, everybirdie08

Release 89: horrifying01, ragecandy01, trio01, striaton01, nacrene01, breeding01, turfwar01, weakest13, babble03

Crazy Colors 182: akizora08, betrayer08, binbougami20, shadow13, ricewine17

Seiyuu Guess 307: touching12, playmaker10, modo-modo17, alias11, honeybuddha18, milkcan08

No Context Theater 41: 108th03, sweetsshop03, sexyguilty05, dwn-04114, westernmyth02

No Context Theater 44: libertine08, foolslove08, lunches04, kaleido08, westernmyth16

Puzzle Chains 66: venomous11, gnaw08, mobage10, villagerb09, ghostalley13, oshi04, multi-size07, supermodel05, bubblegum04, lascivous14, ragecandy11, samba07, orange crayon

Traded cruelty06, cyber14, darkchip10, darkfusion09, dcn-02510, dwn-00912, dwn-01818, dwn-04206, fakecopy12, fincutter20, gatlingpin02, green12, gyrostorm05, gyrostorm20, heatwave09, hospital19, leadership12, levelseven19, lionhead12, mail05, meikai03, navigate12, nebula08, playmaker01, rollingsaw06, snowstorm01, submerge01 for blaze18, dodge17, dynamo14, earthquake05, earthquake20, ember05, follows01, forlorn19, gardevoirite20, himemaru07, himemaru16, holocaster13, horn09, ohmygosh03, perfume10, razorleaf09, research14, ruler16, slam02, smokescreen10, tackle07, tealeaves04, technology17, trickyfox18, villagers19, vinewhip07, wildduck09 with [personal profile] beezebeora

Colors School Festival - Game 04: Gifting Party!: unknown16, creati04, 2ndchild12, buttcannon13, snowboard06, database20, malamute06, gainax08, allies10, remakes02, cosplay18, legendary02, psybeam10, clergy08, calculated12, calculated02, training10, westernmyth06, porcelain02, flashy02, twinkling20, babble02, boat03

Colorseum: Season Four begins!: baumkuchen19, infinity16, snowstorm14, firstroom13

Natsume's Book of Cards 26: lastrites08, lastrites08, lastrites18, rashly02, rashly04, rashly04, moondestiny01, moondestiny01, moondestiny06, moondestiny17 for eros04, eros05, eros07, incognita01, incognita02, incognita03, stammi03, stammi05, stammi06, stammi07

Coloring Book 155: dum05, china16, subservient13, sugarheart16

Traded pragmatist09, wayward12 for koyaku13, moonchild05 with [personal profile] toffeecat

Received judecca17, lateshift19, mob13 from [personal profile] toffeecat

Swap Station 91: assignment07, backpack08, carpenter02, circus18

Coloring Book 155: donated swordplay11

Crazy Colors 182: donated scribbled07

Swap Station 90: backpack03, circus11, mace09, weakest15

Swap Station 91: swaped assignment20, backpack03, carpenter20, circus11

Host Club Giveaway 165: heichou16, kcpd18, pasttunnel06, bentenmaru02, waterpistol16, kaminome03

Art Shop: figments01, capitalism14, porcupine05, yoru02, sakanoshita01, livingzombie09, pragmatist09, nejiko01, warmonger14, naive20, mercurial05, one-cut05, chopping17, necklace12, churapa11, trickclassic07, secretshop08, candles05, pooka10, relife13, beecontrol05, mothers01, twinknives05, badpun02, red crayon, brown crayon x2, purple crayon, orange crayon x3, green crayon, gray crayon x3, yellow crayon

Levels: weakest19, magickey11, northkanto02, brown02, kape15, blue crayon

Colorseum: Director's Cut 6 - final round: backfire14, driver03, cosmogate14, taser16, songwriter20, headphones05, hotblooded17, promise16, coexistence02, socialite11

Coloring Book 153: flashy19, backpack19

Swap Station 90: swapped backpack19, circus08, mace19, weakest03

Switch It Up 148: sanctioned01 for ancestor05, smile06 for axolotl08, ship16 for blueeyes18, secondroom19 for jellyfish16

Traded sakura18, salon09, sensory06, servbots09, shine12, shootingstar09, shootingstar16, silpelit16, skirt20, slyfox12, smelt19, sorceress15, sororicide10, soup15, soapland06, spokeswoman12, starmagic18, steam03, stormquell19, thiers01, thiers05, trapped13, waterpistol08, witchcraft20, worker18, worlds06, younggirls10, yoyoi03 for beautiful01, carpenter05, holocaster03, holocaster11, holocaster15, holocaster16, lineface07, nurseschool06, nurseschool17, oceanside13, oceanside15, olderwomen03, pants06, pants14, passage17, pinkdiamond09, pinkdiamond14, runaway07, rustboro17, rustboro20, yoomtah14, yoomtah17, keystone03, keystone05, keystone19, moonblast05 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus

Received ability07, poultry18, specials10, green crayon x3 from [personal profile] pinkoctopus

Traded fifth19, gekokujou08, haircut03 for oceanside11, supermarket11, writing09 with [personal profile] laciewings

Colorseum: Director's Cut 5: pervy18, box03, melonpatch08, trapped13, oath11, broom20, eternity19, kleio16

Pot of Gold 81: lobster14, draculina16, studybug14, 902919, crash08, cruelty06, bake-danuki19, silvana05, handicraft18, soba07, nishi07, beelzebub02, riddles02, ninja12, usss09, sia14, waterpistol08, janam17, translator04, gigant04, gakuenk03, donuts16, henshin16, plant04, squishy03, silpelit16, ideal02, westwind19, mochi16, save15, judgement17, asteroid12, babymonster15, cure02, novoselic11, lifeenergy10, brakeoil06, boyish01, stories03, pious06, knit12, dwn-02205, birdcalls13, betrayal17, suzumushi02, old05, gamuza16, strain14, kunst13, flamenblack14, harnais16, rash18, feelings05, fog19, horned15, maryudo07, hatched16, blend04, trinity14, manga01, brown crayon, blue crayon x3, red crayon, gray crayon, green crayon x2, orange crayon

Traded evilking15, effeminate07, unkillable02, usashrine14 for backpack19, beach20, dewford20, dreamyard04 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus


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